Friday, February 20, 2015

Stack Tutorial

1. why stack implement as linked list 

2. error: template declaration of ‘typedef’

3.Sort the elements inside a stack using only push and pop operation is it possible to do it only with one additional stack. 

4.Five boxes, A through E are stacked in alphabetical order with box A on Top.The bottom three boxes are simultaneously removed and placed on Top with their vertical order maintained. if this procedure repeated two more time which box end up in middle.(Microsoft question from careerCup)
Ans. In my analysis, last element will be middle element  in next iteration.
 54 3 21 - (0 iteration 3 middle)
 21 5 43-(1 iteration 5 middle )
.......(In the fifth iteration we will have same number)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Company Question

Aircom Internation


1) what are the basic concept of OOPS
2) What is Polymorphism
3) What is compile time Polymorphism
4)  is template compile time Polymorphism
5)  What is difference  between shallow copy and deep copy
6)  What is singleton pattern.Can you write code for that
7)  What is facade pattern.
8)  What is observer pattern
9)  What is virtual inheritance
9)  What is diamond shape problem
10) if base class one virtual function and derived class also contain virtual function.How many vtable create
11) When is vtable create ?
12) When is vpointer create ?
13) Can you explain vtable
14) Can you explain the compilation process
15) How the executable execute into system
16) What is the reason behind to decide default argument as trailer argument
17) Why do we need function overloading?
18) Why do we need function overriding?
19) Why do you need static object?.
20) What is static function?.
21) if Class B is Friend of A.Class C is Friend of B.What is the relation between A to C

1) what is sed command
2) what is awk command
3) what is tee command
4) what is difference between grep and find command
5) what is make file rule
6) Find the list of all file which does not contain particular string
7) what is touch command
8) what is main purpose of touch command
9) How will you copy from one machine to another machine
10)how will you delete a line in vi editor
11)How will you delete a word in vi editor
12)How will you delete a single character in vi editor
13)How will you execute a shell command within vi editor.(i.e) you have already
 open file than after you want to execute shell command. How will you execute
 shell command
14)How will you find a string into only particular directory and not recursive directory
15) what is max depth into Linux command
16)How will you search a particular word into vi editor
17)How will you do substitution into vi editor

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Memory Management in c++

Gcov Code Coverage Tool.

Gcov Coverage:

Linux wiki

Error :undefined symbol: __gcov_merge_add (solution)



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Managerial Question

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

C++ Good link

tricky question

Static object

Boost Pointer

Thinking in c++ volume two

C programming language

C++ notes

Difference between Encapsulation vs abstraction


Parashift Interview Question

counter view

explicit constructor

Scoped_ptr related link

Function Pointer

Call Back Function


call a C library from C++ code or   call a C++ library from C code?

You have an empty class. What does compiler do?

How will you handle factorial for large number


Design Pattern


Vector inner implemention

Online Course Edx

Online Data Structure Class

Binary Tree

Practice Program

C Forum

Cpp Tips

Project Based URL:

Good Course

Open Source ProjectGoogle code jam(Good for beginner)


Boost (last option if you can)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Reference Material

1. C++ FAQ
2. Test you skill in C++
3. Test you C skill
8. Effective C++

Data Structure
1.Data Structures ( a pseudocode approach with c++)
2.Data Structure and algorithm made easy
3.Cracking coding interview
5. googlegeeks group
7. IIT delhi video lecture
8. Standford Data Structure Class
9. MIT open course Data Structure
10.Introduction to Algorithum 

1.Crack IT interview DataBase


7. (online Compiler)

Unix Reference:
1.Crack IT interview with Unix DataBase

Design Pattern:
1.Head & First Design Pattern (Book)

System Programming:
1.Galvin -Operating System Concept (7 Edition)
2. Programming with POSIX Threads

Verbal & Reasoning Reference :
1. Wren & Martin English Grammar Book
2. Word Power Made Easy
3.  Barron English Book